Advertise Your Dance

The best way to let your clients know who you are and what how you can dance is to show pictures of your dance. While videos work in many cases, the reality is that you need to attract attention to yourself with pictures first, being on a web page, part of a flyer, business card, announcement or a brochure.

Nancy Brown from ucanto Bellydance

Let us help you creating pictures your clients will like. We will come to your studio, set up the complete environment with professional lighting, seamless backdrops in the size that actually allow dancing not just in front, but also on top of it, and of course the camera equipment. Get dressed and we will start by "high gloss" portraits. Then warm up and dance in front of the backdrop while we take pictures. If you are a group we can do this for every individual in the group. We will do all of this free of charge.

The results of the photo shoot will be posted in a private area of the web page. You will be able to review the photographs and then purchase only the pictures you want in the format you prefer. You can receive prints or electornic version of pictures and show the world what you do.